NRJA is a young Riga based architectural practice established in 2005 by Uldis Luksevics. 

The average age of architects working in the office is 25. NRJA’s approach is active and they get inspired by creativity and competence of the world around them. Most of their works they get through invited competitions where they always try to propose more than is allowed or required. 

That is what NRJA stands for – No Rules Just Architecture.

 In NRJA architects’ opinion there are two very important “P” `s, which are essential in architecture – positive attitude and professionalism. The main thing is to try to feel and love truthfully and to do things which one really wants to do, and to be and to work together with people with whom it is good to be together. That is why there is a place for good music and good books, good relations and good meals in the process of architecture. The process itself is like a game between NRJA members, their client and building institutions. 

NRJA is currently involved in different design proposals starting with a high-rise Z Towers in Riga, several large scale multifunctional housing and mixed-use projects, as well as development of a new town square and wharf in a seaside town Pavilosta, as well as other commercial and residential buildings for our friends. 
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