Maciek Grelewicz

 Maciek Grelewicz is a young Polish architect, born in Lodz in 1982. He graduated from faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of Technical University in Lodz in 2008. After two years of working in his hometown he moved to Rotterdam to work for MVRDV – office highly valued for their innovative designs and influential theoretical studies. His works and articles were published in several books and magazines in Poland and abroad.


He believes that architecture should not restrict itself to pure pragmatism or cold minimalism. It should not only be a matter of philosophical debates, fascinating for critics and architects, but marginal for average building’s user. In his opinion every building, except being functional, taking into consideration geographical, cultural and urban context, should also respond to users need for pleasant, visually appealing spaces to live, work or relax. He thinks that meeting architects high ambitions with people’s expectations and tastes is a one of the greatest challenges for contemporary designers.


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