RTKL brings European-inspired development plan to China
date: 2011/11/16 11:04:06
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Contrasting radically from the surrounding suburban landscape dotted by houses and small factories, Perimeter City is an urban development set along Beijing’s 5th Ring Road and designed to have all the facilities, amenities and character of an organically-evolved city.

The mixed-use program, totaling more than 230,000 sq m GFA, encourages residents and visitors to live, work, and play, while aiming to stimulate the region significantly and lay the foundation for wider urban development in the area.

The site is centrally anchored by a theme park, while a 200-key hotel, fashion exhibition hall with a runway and offices, residential towers, a multi-screen cineplex and an elevated city park are all woven along the site’s perimeter. All of these elements interact with the theme park through strategically planned views.

The project, particularly the piazza and central theme park components, was inspired by the scale and cultural role of the Piazza delle Erbe in Verona, Italy, which the design team used to illustrate design principles of creating a development that promotes organic future growth.

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