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Contributing to further development of both architecture and interior design , enhancing the communication of designers from different districts, Shenzhen Boyuan SpaceCultural Development Co,Ltd. will be publishing more than 30 hardcover books and magazines all over 2010. Your great works are warmly expected.

Editor-in-Chief: Shenzhen Boyuan SpaceCultural Development Co,Ltd. is one of the largest and most professional architectural publishers in Asia-Pacific region. We are the only media who simultaneously gets support from designers covering mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore and published hundreds of professional excellent books. Successfully entering Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast markets, we become the widest spread and largest circulation publisher for designers all over the world. 

Requirements for materials: 
1. Please present image for completed project these years, and the published image or images for awarded projects are also welcome.
2. Please prepare below four before presentation: (multiple sets are also acceptable but should also meet following) 
(1): Images for real space (10 or more images, 300DPI high resolution, size of at least 3000 * 4000) 
(2): Ground plan of the project (CAD format or JPG format) 
(3): Designer's resume and personal photo, project location, building area and the main material 
(4): Textual Description (summary of the design goal and approaches to design, above 100 words)
3. Categories: residential, office, commercial space, clubs and etc.
4. Deadline for presentation: interested parties please contact us and present your materials as soon as possible.
5. The issuing scope: Xinhua bookstores, design bookstores and architecture bookstores and institutions in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asia-Pacific districts.
Cooperation: Received and published free of charge, once image adopted, you will receive publication free of charge.                                                  



Schuetz Stephan - GMP Architects




von Gerkan Meinhard - GMP Architects




 3 deluxe








Cameron Woo







Corvin Cristian




Gerard&Carlos Pascal




Gilberto L. Rodríguez








Ippolito fleitz group





Juergen Mayer H




Keiichiro SAKO









Norm Architects



Paul Coudamy



plajer & franz studio







Todd Saunders



Uwe Brückner

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